The tradition of the Centre dentaire Vieux-Sherbrooke

During the 70s, a group of three dentistsDoctors Gaëtan Duquette, Pierre Massicotte and Robert Weldon, decided to practice dentistry for a few years on 31 King West.

During the spring of 1978, they decided to build a partnership and create the dental clinic named Duquette, Massicotte et Weldon, located on 234 Dufferin. For over 20 years, they played a key role in Sherbrooke and delivered quality services to thousands of patients.

In June 2000, Dr. Pierre Massicotte retired and Dr. Mathieu Faubert, at that time recently graduate from Université Laval, took over his patients. The clinic will take the name Clinique Dentaire Duquette, Faubert et Weldon for the next 8 years.


In the spring of 2008, it is Dr. Gaëtan Duquette’s turn to retire.  In his case, the newly graduate from Université Laval, Dr. Audrey Vertefeuille, will take care of his patients. It is during the year of 2008 that the clinic will take its actual name: Centre Dentaire du Vieux Sherbrooke.

Once again, a graduate from Université Laval, Dr. Jim Cotton, will have the opportunity to join this growing team in June 2009. He will assist Dr. Weldon and take over couple of his patients.

And the story continues…

Nos pères fondateurs

  • Dr Gaëtan Duquette

    Dr Gaëtan Duquette

  • Dr Pierre Massicotte

    Dr Pierre Massicotte

  • Dr Robert Weldon

    Dr Robert Weldon